High quality sweepers from us

Our company is specialized in the sale of sweepers. We have strong expertise, long experience and know-how of sweeper machines. It is worth relying on a professional when purchasing used sweepers and truck-chassis-sweepers. When the sweeping machine is in good condition, properly refurbished and maintained, you get cleaned streets and yards quickly and efficiently. Take contact!

Used sweepers

We have many different brands of brush machines for different applications, such as Bucher, Schörling, Cityfant, Optifant, Citycat, Brock, Beam, Johnston, Schmidt, Swingo, Kobit, Dulevo, Nilfisk, CityRanger, Boschung, Faun and Kroll.

Check out our sweeper range now. We also do business outside working hours, so send us an e-mail or call us without hesitation, even if it´s evening or weekend. Ask more!
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